Guide to filing an online report

If you have questions or difficulty filing the report, please call (559) 488-3111 to ask for assistance.

This guide is designed to help with the completion of your on line report. To make sure you are reporting the correct crime, please review the examples provided when filling out your report. Please provide a complete description of the incident:

  • What happened?
  • Where did it happen?
  • When did it happen?
  • How did it happen?
  • Why did it happen?

Keep in mind that your narrative is going to be the actual police report. Please use proper grammar and punctuation.



On 1-1-12 at 10:00pm, I placed my Huffy bicycle in the front yard of my residence at 123 Easy St, Fresno County. On 1-2-12 at 08:00am, I noticed that it was missing. The Huffy bicycle is a blue 26 inch dirt bike, serial #12345678 and it was worth $150. I did not see who took my bike and I did not give anyone permission to take it.


On 1-1-12 at 5:00pm, I parked my 1995 white Honda Accord, license #1ABC123, in front of my residence at 123 Easy St, Fresno. I locked and secured my vehicle/I forgot to lock my vehicle. On 1-1-12 at about 11:30pm, I noticed that the driver door to my Honda was open and someone took my GPS. The GPS was a grey Garmin P100, serial #12345678, worth $200. I did not give anyone permission to take my GPS.


On 1-1-12 at 12:00pm, a representative of Bank of America contacted to me and advised me that someone attempted to open up a credit card on-line using my name and social security. They put a hold on the account and contacted me. I never authorized anyone to use my personal identification. They advised me to file a police report.


On 1-1-12 at about 8:00pm, I noticed that the front fence to my residence at 123 Easy St, Fresno, had been spray painted with black paint. Someone painted about a 4 x 4 section of my fence with the words, “Hello” and “Bye”. I do not know who did this and it would cost about $100 to fix the fence.


On 2-1-12 at about 10:00pm, I parked my black Toyota Sienna, license #1ABC123, on the street in front of my residence at 123 Easy St, Fresno. On 2-2-12 at about 07:00am, I noticed that my car had been keyed. Someone keyed from the driver’s side of my car toward the rear and around toward the front of the passenger’s side. The scratch was deep, causing permanent damage to the paint. It caused around $500 of damage.


On 3-1-12 at about 11:00pm, I received a call and I heard a male’s voice say, “What are you doing?”, then he hung up. I then received several more calls but they hung up on me. I do not know who the person is but I want them to stop.


On 4-1-12 at about 12:00pm, I was checking my bank statements when I noticed several unauthorized on-line transactions. One was on 3-20-12 at Lowe’s in Bakersfield for $250.52 and one was on 3-21-12 at Home Depot in San Francisco for $436.35. I never used my credit card in either locations and I never authorized anyone to use my credit card. I called both stores and reported this to their fraud division. They advised that I would need to file a police report.

**Please check your email regularly until you receive the email that contains your permanent case number. If we need additional information, we will send an email requesting that information. We attempt to process the reports as quickly as possible so the cases can be routed to the appropriate area. If you fail to respond to the emails and we are unable to process the report as written, your report will be rejected and you will have to re-file the report.

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