Fee Schedule


The Sheriff is entitled to his/her fee for service whether the service is successful or not pursuant to Gov § 26720, 26736, 26738, & 26746.

***A fee increase will take effect 1/1/2024.***

Fees must accompany the request for service. We do not process "piece mail." Any check or document that is not mailed together will be returned.

Service Type

Civil Process-Services: (non-enforcement)

Any court process and notice that is to be served in any proceedings before any court. There is a fee to serve any type of document that falls in this category. See “payment type” for acceptable payment options.

*Examples of common services (non-enforcement) served:

Summons & Petition

Summons & Complaint

Request For Order

Summons & Complaint UD

Small Claims

Order Of Exam

Civil Bench Warrant

Order To Show Cause

Civil Subpoena

Miscellaneous Notices

Notice Of Hearing

Temporary Emergency (Ex Parte) Orders

***Please contact an attorney for legal advice or the court for more information.***