Civil Process: Service (Non-Enforcement)

The Fresno County Sheriff’s Office Civil Unit will serve all court process and notices that are to be served in any proceedings before any court.

Follow the same steps as “Service of Documents” on the main page.

A “service” (non-enforcement) is a service that is not an enforcement order. It is a document or pack of documents informing the other party of a hearing or some other information for a court proceeding. These types of services are typically served personally or by substitute service.

Personal Service

If your service must be personally served, then we only need one copy of the documents for service for each person to be served.

Substitute Service

If your service does not need to be personally served and can be sub-served, then you must provide two copies of the documents for service for each person to be served.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Click the button below to complete instructions for service.

For next steps, see the section titled “Next Steps/Follow up” on the main page.

Any mail sent to an address other than the civil unit post office box address is subject to delays if received at all.

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